TFT - Thought Field Therapy

TFT - Thought Field Therapy

An Amazing Therapeutic Technique

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a powerful technique for healing all

types of negative emotions.  Treatments are facilitated by Specialist Counsellor, Tracey-Leigh Davey who has achieved amazing results with 100's of clients

* Fast and Simple

* Very little talking involved

* One treatment is enough - in 80% of cases

* There is no re-living or dwelling on the past

* You feel relaxed and at peace after the treatment

* It eliminates the burdened feeling and leaves you free to get on with your life  

Say Good Bye To:

*  Abuse and Trauma

*  Anxiety

*  Stress

*  Anger / Rage

*  Resentment

*  Phobias

*  Procrastination

*  Grief / Loss 

*  Sadness

*  Love Pain /Heartache

*  Depression

*  Embarrassment

*  Shame 

* Obsessive Thoughts

Addiction Recovery - eliminate cravings for food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes

 Complete assistance and support for alcohol and other drugs recovery.  From quitting - to short term strategies - right through to long term abstinence.  Don't delay - Call More Than Mediocre Counselling in Berwick and book your first TFT appointment today

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 "I tried TFT not really knowing much about it and I was amazed at how it worked - the first time!  It was like magic.  No more obsessing or worrying.  It was so great I sent my husband along for his past relationship baggage, and even though he was pretty dubious about it, it worked first time on him as well!  I'm completely sold on it."

Female client, aged 27 of Berwick


"When I arrived at counselling I was a mess and couldn't talk without crying.  I was so traumatised by a recent event that I was suffering anxiety and nightmares daily.  Tracey-Leigh treated the trauma and anxiety with TFT and I immediately felt calmer.  I was then able to talk about what had happened without feeling panic-stricken and we worked through my fears, which turned out to be more about a past issue than what had most recently occurred, so we treated that with TFT too and I was right to go - all in one session.  Amazing! "

Female client, aged 40 of Nar Nar Goon

 More about TFT

TFT was developed over 39 years ago by Dr Roger Callahan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. It's an emotional healing therapy that conquers phobias, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, depression, addiction, trauma and more.  Based on time-honoured principles, TFT draws from a variety of disciplines including Clinical Psychology, Eastern Medicine, Quantum Physics, Neurolinguistic Programming and Biology—and the results are astounding!

In TFT, we tap on the same energy meridian’s or pathways that the Chinese have been using in acupuncture therapy for over 5000 years.  The science behind TFT may be complex and involved, but the application of it is incredibly simple.  It's effective and fast acting.  Put simply, TFT taps into the body’s energy field and unblocks the kinks or glitches—removing the negative emotion attached to the thought or recollection of an experience.  Which means quite simply that that thought or experience will no longer disempower or overwhelm you and you will be free to get on with your life without the negative emotions.  So—who wouldn’t want to give TFT a go?!

TFT is quite lovely to use.  It's relaxing and leaves you feeling just slightly tired, and lighter, much lighter.  Since beginning use of TFT in counselling sessions in 2009, Tracey-Leigh has used it with 100's of clients - with more than 97% success.  Clients are constantly surprised and delighted with the effect it has on them.

Try TFT in person with Tracey-Leigh and she’ll also show you some techniques that you can take home with you and use on your own, just call now to make your first appointment... and say good-bye to your baggage!


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