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Counselling and Coaching

Specialist Counselling is provided on a range of issues for clients from all walks of life.  At More Than Mediocre, our team of counsellors in Cranbourne East are highly trained and experienced to cater extensively to the counselling needs of the whole community.  Each member of the counselling team has not only been hand picked by Tracey-Leigh for their high level counselling skills, but they have valuable life experience that compliments their professional practice, supporting you to achieve the best possible outcomes for yourself, your life and your relationships.

Counselling is provided for individuals, couples, families and youth.  All issues including relationships, conflict, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, dealing with menopause, parenting and blended families, career changes and life transitions, small business coaching, phobias, AOD, addictions and more.

Clients can look forward to meeting a down to earth and welcoming counsellor and feeling comfortable and at ease with them immediately.  We are real people with very human lives and personalities, just like you - and we relate to our clients as such.  Our knowledge and skills allow us to adapt in the moment to work with whatever issues present, in a way that works for the client to create positive life and behaviour change and/or effect better communication and understanding.  Our 'tailored to you' approach happens naturally as we build our relationship with you and  move from gentle awareness building and supportive reflection to higher impact challenging styles in order to best serve your needs and
create a meaningful and trusting bond between counsellor and client.

When working with younger people or with high stress and trauma we sometimes utilise tools such as symbols and word cards to assist clients to identify and express how they are feeling and create greater self awareness and are effective in creating empowerment and greatly reducing feelings of fear, loss, anger and guilt. 
Therapeutic techniques include CBT, Gestalt, Person Centered, ACT, Mindfulness,
Existential, Adlerian, Reality, Narrative, Family, NLP, TFT and more.

Marathon Counselling - Relationship & Parenting Reboot

The Relationship and Parenting Reboot Program is for clients who are serious about creating the life, love and relationships they really want - and are prepared to put in the time and effort to work with us in order to fast track the results.  Designed for couples and families to create break through change in the shortest time possible.  The program runs over 3 days and includes an in home interview and assessment, two intensive therapy sessions, growth activities and a follow up session.  This program will cut through to the core issues at the heart of your couple and/or family relationship.  It's for maximum impact.  Availability is limited and participants are accepted under application only. 

Thought Field Therapy is one of the easiest and most effective methods available to heal and let go of unresolved grief, trauma, heart break, limiting beliefs and deep seated self esteem issues.  It can heal those stubborn wounds from the past that no amount of time has been able to heal.  Using TFT in combination with counselling helps to shift those burdens you thought you'd be carrying for life.
TFT has a very high success rate in areas where other therapies tend to be somewhat lacking, however it is still not taught in universities and therefore not widely practiced by therapists in Australia.   With her entrepreneurial heart and a deep desire to provide better outcomes for clients, Tracey-Leigh is one of the few therapists in Australia who is not afraid to step outside of the text book to explore and practice new modalities that can expand the realm of possibility for healing and breakthrough growth in record time.  She has been incorporating TFT into her therapeutic practice for over 7 years now, and getting amazing outcomes for her clients.

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Singles Counselling - Making Love Work

For those who want to a find a relationship that works.  This will teach you what you'll wish you knew years ago.  You will learn about what you need in a partner, how to attract the right one and how to stop wasting your time dating the wrong ones. 

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Business Coaching

As Tracey-Leigh has an extensive background in small business and management, she is able to offer coaching for entrepreneurs, new business owners and those looking to grow their business or even change career direction entirely.  Having attended trainings with some of the most successful business entrepreneurs in the world over many years, and also starting as a 'one man band' in her own business, she knows all the tricks to get started with little or no money, including websites & SEO, marketing, effective systems and managing finances .  More importantly though, she has a gift at helping people tap into their  own inner passion and put this togeher with all their knowledge, skills, values, natural talents and hearts desire to find their niche -  that place where what they do for a living is simply a natural expression of who they really are, leading to a sense of meaning and purpose in meeting a genuine need in the world - at the same time as it creates a rewarding and fulfilling career that they absolutely love.  

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A weekend workshop with relationship counsellor, author and facilitator Tracey-Leigh Davey - to totally transform your relationship - and your life.

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