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Counselling and Coaching

Specialist Counselling is provided on a range of issues for clients from all walks of life.  At More Than Mediocre, our team of counsellors in Cranbourne East are highly trained and experienced to cater extensively to the counselling needs of the whole community.  Each member of the counselling team has not only been hand picked by Tracey-Leigh for their high level counselling skills, but they have valuable life experience that compliments their professional practice, supporting you to achieve the best possible outcomes for yourself, your life and your relationships.

Counselling is provided on all issues including relationships, conflict, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, dealing with menopause, parenting and blended families, career changes and life transitions, small business coaching, phobias, AOD, addictions and more. 

Clients can look forward to meeting a down to earth and welcoming counsellor and feeling comfortable and at ease with them immediately.  We are real people with very human lives and personalities, just like you - and we relate to our clients as such and create a meaningful and trusting bond between counsellor and client.  Our counsellors adapt in the moment to work with whatever issues present, in   a way that works for the client to create positive life and behaviour change and effect better communication and understanding.  Our 'tailored to you' approach happens naturally as we build our relationship with you and move from gentle awareness building and supportive reflection to high impact transformational styles in order to best serve your needs.  

When working with young people, couples and families, we sometimes utilise tools such as symbols and word cards to assist clients to identify and express how they are feeling and create greater self awareness.  These tools are effective in creating empowerment and greatly reducing feelings of fear, loss, anger and guilt.  
Therapeutic techniques include CBT, Gestalt, Person Centered, ACT, Existential, Family, NLP,Mindfulness, Adlerian, Reality, Narrative,  TFT Tapping, Time Release Techniques, Hypnosis and more.

All members of Tracey-Leigh's Counselling Team receive regular mentoring, training and guidance, ensuring that her team are equipped in every way to meet the needs of their clients.  So YOU and every client, can be assured of getting the absolute best counsellors available. 

Workshops and Events

We have three major events that run throughout the year, each of which are written, directed and facilitated LIVE with Tracey-Leigh.  These are very powerful, life changing events that sky-rocket participants capacity to do life in harmony and relationship with themselves and others and provides tools to support them to grow, heal and find fulfilment.

Our three LIVE EVENTS with Tracey-Leigh are

* Start With You 

* Going Deeper 

 *Live Heart to Heart

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Counsellors, Coaches and Social Workers Mentorship Program - Coming in 2020

In 2020, Tracey-Leigh will be offering a Mentorship Program to qualified applicants who are pursuing careers or building a business in the counselling, social work or coaching fields.  With qualifications and experience that lie not only in counselling, but also small business and management and having attended seminars and training with some of the biggest and most successful thought leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs of our time over many years, Tracey-Leigh is uniquely placed to offer coaching for new and emerging counsellors wanting to build their skills and gain from the knowledge and wisdom of her 22+ years up close and personal 1:1 and couples sessions with over 2000 clients.

And not only that, she knows how to get started, including building a counselling business from scratch with little or no money, starting as a 'one man band' and taking the leap to move forwards from multi-tasking everything yourself to outsourcing tasks, creating a supportive team, creating effective systems for managing finances, websites & SEO, navigating marketing and social media, and other aspects of small business management - while still holding integrity with your true self.

This program is for counsellors and coaching consultants looking to start or grow a business or advance in their field, but more importantly it's for all counsellors or coaching consultants who want to be their very best self and develop their skills and abilities both professionally and as an individual (and if you're good at what you do, you'll already know that there is very little difference between the two) and become an intuitive heart guided counsellor who connects with clients deeply and effectively and identifies needs quickly and easily.  

Tracey-Leigh has a gift at helping people tap into their inner calling and passion and put this together with all their knowledge, skills, values, gifts, talents and desires and find their niche -  a place where what they do for a living is simply a natural expression of who they really are, leading to a sense of meaning and purpose through meeting a genuine need in the world - at the same time as they create a rewarding and fulfilling career that they absolutely love.   

To find out more about joining Tracey-Leigh's Mentorship Program -Contact Us

TFT Tapping - (Thought Field Therapy)

Thought Field Therapy is one of the easiest and most effective methods available to heal and let go of unresolved grief, trauma, heart break, limiting beliefs and deep seated self esteem issues.  Commonly referred to as 'Tapping' and used to reduce anxiety and promote calm and relaxation, in the hands of a professional, it can also be used to heal deeper wounds from the past that no amount of time has been able to heal.  Using TFT tapping in combination with counselling helps to shift those burdens you thought you'd be carrying for life. 

TFT has a very high success rate in areas where other therapies tend to be somewhat lacking, however it is still not taught in traditional universities and therefore not widely practiced by therapists in Australia.   With her entrepreneurial heart and a deep desire to provide better outcomes for clients, Tracey-Leigh is one of the few therapists in Australia who has never been afraid to step outside of the class room to explore and practice new modalities that can expand the realm of possibility for healing and breakthrough and get better outcomes for clients.  She has been incorporating TFT tapping into her therapeutic practice for over 10 years now with amazing results and continues to teach and develop her team in using the techniques to continue to create consistently effective outcomes with clients. 

Tapping can be used to treat :- abuse & trauma, anxiety & fear, stress & depression, anger, rage and resentment, guilt & shame, grief & loss, heart break & love pain, phobias, obsessive thoughts and addiction; such as to alcohol and other drugs, cigarettes and food.

TFT was developed over 45 years ago by Dr Roger Callahan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist.  It's an emotional healing therapy that is based on time-honoured principles, drawing from a variety of disciplines including Clinical Psychology, Eastern Medicine, Quantum Physics, Neurolinguistics Programming and Biology—and the results are astounding!  

In TFT, we tap on the same energy meridian’s or pathways that the Chinese have been using in acupuncture for over 5000 years.  Put simply, TFT taps into the body’s energy field and unblocks the kinks or glitches—removing the negative emotion attached to the thought or recollection of an experience. 

TFT is quite lovely to use.  It's relaxing and leaves you feeling just slightly tired - and lighter, much lighter.  Since beginning use of TFT in counselling sessions in 2009, Tracey-Leigh has has evolved in her use of it as she has witnessed it's effect on 100's of clients and has increased it's effectiveness - to more than 97% success.  

Try TFT in person with one of Tracey-Leigh's team and they’ll also show you some techniques that you can take home with you and use on your own, just call now to make your first appointment or check out Tracey-Leigh's 'Going Deeper' Event.

Call Now on (03) 9707 3009 

If you'd like to experience TFT Tapping or learn more about it, book an appointment with one of Tracey-Leigh's team or check out the 'Going Deeper' Event on our Events Page 

 "I tried TFT not really knowing much about it and I was amazed at how it worked - the first time!  It was like magic.  No more obsessing or worrying.  It was so great I sent my husband along for his past relationship baggage, and even though he was pretty dubious about it, it worked first time on him as well!  I'm completely sold on it."

Female client, aged 27 of Berwick

 "When I arrived at counselling I was a mess and couldn't talk without crying.  I was so traumatised by a recent event that I was suffering anxiety and nightmares daily.  Tracey-Leigh treated the trauma and anxiety with TFT and I immediately felt calmer.  I was then able to talk about what had happened without feeling panic-stricken and we worked through my fears, which turned out to be more about a past issue than what had most recently occurred, so we treated that with TFT too and I was right to go - all in one session.  Amazing! "

Female client, aged 40 of Nar Nar Goon