Making Love Work

Single?  Unlucky in love?  Tired of mind games? 

Disillusioned, disappointed and confused by the dating scene? 

Or just want to find someone who loves you as much as you love them?

 Get out of the Game.  Get Clear.  Get Confident.  Live authentically and learn how to find someone who will love you, just the way you are!  This is loaded with all you need to know to  prepare yourself to meet the partner you WANT and NEED.

* Improve your relationship with yourself 

* Discover your past relationship pattern and how to break it

* Say goodbye to feelings of rejection and loneliness

* Increase your ability to relate to others on a deeper level

* Discover what you actually need in a mate

* Learn how to have sexual attraction AND life compatibility

* Open up your authentic self and share it more confidently

* Learn how to move on quickly when it was never going to work from the start

* Avoid unnecessary pain and free up your time for quality people


This counselling program will get you so clear and confident about yourself and your relationship needs that you will start attracting the right kind of people straight to you! 


PLUS... the opportunity to meet other GENUINE singles


Working with Presenter and Specialist Relationship Counsellor in Cranbourne East (ex Berwick) Tracey-Leigh Davey - can have its perks!

As an added bonus, completing this program also gives you the opportunity (should you want it) to meet other singles.  This invitation is extended only to those who have completed the same personal growth work with Tracey-Leigh that you have!

Call TODAY to book in and get started immediately!

For more information call Tracey-Leigh's counselling office in Cranbourne East.

Ph: (03) 9707 3009


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