Going Deeper 

 A Two Day Event

- Runs Every Winter -

The keys to unlock your full potential, emotional freedom and fulfilment.

This event is jam packed with learning and techniques to totally transform your life.

Tracey-Leigh is an experienced counsellor, speaker and group facilitator known for creating break-through life changes that bring emotional freedom and healing from the past.  She brings over 21 years of hands on knowledge and experience working up close and personal with into the thousands of people.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience it for yourself.

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Going Deeper with TFT and Tracey-Leigh is a 2 day event incorporating a range of techniques including TFT Tapping, guided meditation and therapeutic activities, to heal all aspects of your life.  Going Deeper takes healing and personal peace to a whole new level.  You will use and experience TFT tapping, meditation, time release and other therapeutic techniques for healing and life fulfilment. 

The event is a full immersion style workshop demonstrating what is truly possible as you TFT your life, discover what holds you back, break through limiting beliefs and resolve emotional baggage including trauma, abuse, anxiety and fear.  Experience first hand an internal shift towards a more positive state of mind and emotions.

You will learn how TFT can eliminate stressors completely as well as help you in your day to day life with issues including phobias, addictions, stress management, depression and more.  This event will leave you feeling freer and lighter and knowing and loving yourself more than you did when you arrived.

It's high impact and life changing.  You will get clarity, insight and relief as you heal and release what you know you need to, and probably what you didn't know you needed to as well! 

Going Deeper - Tracey-Leigh The Counsellor

 As with all of our events, PLACES ARE LIMITED so that the group size provides the best possible environment for the participants. So don't delay, BOOK NOW while our Early Bird Price is still in place to secure your spot.  It's likely to be the best decision you make all year.

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- Start With You -

 A One Day Event - Runsevery Autumn

A full day of connection and healing work featuring visualisation and meditation, grounding and energy work and Tracey-Leigh's own Time Release Technique

Tracey-Leigh The Counsellor Events

 A One Day workshop presented by The Counsellor Tracey-Leigh

"So many people talk to me about feeling they've lost their way, don't know who they are, have no direction or purpose or just simply feel unfulfilled for no real reason.  I also hear from people struggling with pain, anxiety, tiredness, low energy or low mood, feeling drained or fatigued or who struggle to feel content in their relationships, their jobs, and life in general.  

So... I created this event for YOU.

Come and spend a day with me in a beautiful place, with beautiful people and get back in touch with you.  Because it truly does Start With You."


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This one day event will completely Refresh You and Give You a Sense of Wholeness in Body Mind and Spirit 

It's Like Pressing a Reset Button

  * Meditation  * Group Work * Energy Work * Stress Management * Inner peace

Nurture your heart and soul, heal from heartbreak, loss or disappointment.  Find inspiration, reconnect with your own inner truth, be more of who you are and find a pathway forwards. 

  • Know Yourself

  • Feel good again

  • Find peace and acceptance of self

  • Get out of your own head

  • Embrace your uniqueness

  • Reconcile your Past with the Present and Future 

  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  • Kickstart Physical Healing

  • Remember Who You Are

  • Know your true worth

"During this one day event you will experience a deepening awareness of the wonder of you and the world in which we live.  Through guided meditations, visualisation, self discovery and group workshop activities, you will discover your own sense of self assuredness in being, doing and choosing, from a place of peace and power.  You will leave knowing that you are ok and that you will always be ok.  This day will open your heart to knowing yourself, unifying and reconciling all the different parts of you - at every age and stage.    You will feel at peace within yourself and life will feel excitingly fresh and new and free of  overwhelm and stress.  You will leave feeling grounded and calm and wanting more of that! 

This is a day for everyone who wants to feel better about who they are and where they're going in life". 


Our last event in April 2019 sold out.  Group size is limited so please register your interest in order to be notified as soon as further dates are available


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Live Heart to Heart 

   A Relationship Make-Over

      A Two and a Half Day Event       2020 Dates To Be Announced Soon

Live Heart to Heart is a 2.5 day event for couples and individuals that transforms how you connect, communicate and experience relationships in ways that thrill and delight. 

Written, directed and facilitated by The Counsellor - Relationship Specialist, Author and Speaker - Tracey-Leigh Davey

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This is not just a bunch of strategies to implement when you leave.  It's an experience you have while you're there.  You grow yourself and the way you understand and approach  relationships on the spot.  You have the experience of going deeper, getting closer.  That's not something that will ever be lost or forgotten when you leave.  It's a permanent change, eye opening and heart opening. You can never again not know what you know now.

Every relationship deserves to experience what a retreat like this can do.  Two and a half days, Living...Heart to Heart

Tracey-Leigh Davey presents at Live Heart to Heart

Tracey-Leigh's Couples Retreat
Tracey-Leigh, Relationship Specialist, Speaker and Trainer

Connect more deeply, learn the art of attraction, rekindle passion and become awestruck as you discover the heart of your relationship.  Under the guidance of popular relationship counsellor and author, Tracey-Leigh, participants will discover their true potential and leave renewed and enriched by the experience.  Your relationships will never be the same again.  This is an opportunity not to be missed!  Come... and let the magic begin!

Couples participating at the Couples Retreat

This event will totally revolutionise you, your relationships... and your life. 

Couples connecting at the Couples Retreat

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Here is just some of what you can expect…

Create a closer, more heartfelt connection in your intimate relationship

Improve your awareness and trust in your instincts & intuition

Gain a deeper understanding of  polarity and attraction to create more passion and intimacy

    Overcome limiting fears that prevent you from fully giving and receiving the love you truly want

Discover how to intentionally create effective communication with your partner

Understand the power of your mind and how to harness it for good

Experience more love and fulfilment in your relationship

Allow your imagination to work for you, rather than against you

Gain confidence in developing your own unique approaches to build a closer relationship

Learn how to positively impact your partner and bring out the best in them

Develop the art of appreciation and gratitude to create more joy in your relationship

Develop new ways to improve your mental focus and sustain your energy level so that  you have more to give

Learn how to harness each others strengths and weaknesses to create a formidable team approach

Fine-tune the ways you show love to your partner

Awaken more deeply to who you, and your partner, truly are

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