All Excerpts Taken From

That's What I Think


- By Tracey-Leigh Davey -

A Collection of Articles, Poetry and Short Stories

Fear and Doubt

(Poem taken from page 24)

When I was young, I believed that once I reached a certain age I would "be there".  "There
being the place in time that i thought I would arrive at when I had it all worked out. 
I guess I believed that I would reach a time in my life when I would be able to make the right choices for my life effortlessly and be problem free!  I was equally sure that I would one day
be rid of my fears and uncertainties.  I looked forward to being at that place in my life. 
I was disappointed to find that when I reached my mid-twenties, (by which age I was sure
I would be "there") I was still encumbered by fear and uncertainty - and never really knew
if I was doing the right thing or not.  But, always the optimist, I looked to 30 expecting
to feel more confident of myself in making the right choices.  Again, I was amazed to discover that, at 30, doubt, fear and uncertainty still remained.  I am now 38 and I would have been horrified to have known as a teenager that i would be this "old" and still not have all the
answers!   And although I haven't arrived at the place I imagined, I have discovered that no
one else ever does either!  Hmmm, it seems there is no such place!   Although that "place"
does not actually exist, I can offer some hope.  There are no "right" choices either.  And there
are no "wrong" ones.  There's just what is - and what you choose to learn from it along the
way.  It's ok to be exactly where you are in your life.  Fear and uncertainty will always be
present.  The trick is not to allow it to stop you from going after what you really want in life. 
Ask yourself this one question - and then act.  "What would I do if I wasn't afraid?"

- Tracey-Leigh Davey - (written January 2008)

Love Like a River

(Poem taken from page 79)

I want love that's like a river
Flowing freely day by day
Constant through the seasons
And loyal to its bed
Joyous in the sunshine
Gentle in the breeze
Magical in the moonlight
And flooding in the storms

- Tracey-Leigh Davey -

Heart is Crying
(Poem taken from page 91)

The wind blows softly
While raindrops fall
The air feels warm
And all is quiet
The children are sleeping
Only one sound to be heard
The still of the night
Only my heart is crying

- Tracey-Leigh Davey -

Christmas to Me
(Article taken from page 21)

Christmas means different things to different people.  For some, it's a
wonderful, even magical time of year, while for others, it's a lonely or sad
time and for others still, it's just busy, expensive and stressful.
For me, Christmas stirs feelings of reflection about what is most important
to me.  It is a time when I feel a sense of belonging in the world and very
connected to people.  It is a time when I feel at peace with myself and
who I am.  Conversely, it is also a time when I am most aware of where
I do not belong, of the pain and loneliness in the world and the need to
protect and keep close all that I love.

I think Christmas carries with it a desire for love, joy and peace which
infects us all and intensifies our need to belong, to be accepted and to be
loved - which is why family is so important. 

Christmas opens our hearts to hope, making our hearts more tender, but
also more fragile.  There are many who have not yet found a place where
their hearts may rest peacefully at Christmas, that place where they know
they belong and are accepted and loved.  Some who have not yet learned
that this place does not exist, unless it first exists in their own soul. 

To all of you this Christmas, I wish you love, laughter, and a heart at
peace with God and itself.

- Tracey-Leigh Davey -

Written by Specialist Relationship Counsellor in Cranbourne East, Victoria - Tracey-Leigh Davey.  Excerpts taken from her book, "That's What I Think Anyway".  All rights reserved.